My march break was awsome!!

My march break was awsome because I had no homework, nothing anoying except for rain, beatiful weather, and I got to do my favourite thing which is fishing. The biggest fish I caught was on the beach by my condo and with a bit of help from my friend Matt and incase your wondering he is the mate of the boat that I always go on when I’m in Florida and the fish or should I say shark was 10′ and 400 pounds I believe and it also took me about 4 hours to reel it in. The biggest fish I caught on the boat was a 40 pound and 5′ in length was a king macheral which took me 10 minutes to reel in. The smallest fish I had on the boat got eaten by a barracuda right at the boat because the barracuda was waitting for something small to eat and the fish went right to him under the boat. That was my awsome March break.

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